Into The Mystique is a gift shop, gallery, and metaphysical store. When we say metaphysical we mean that we offer some items considered spiritual by many different spiritual paths including Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Native American belief, and more. It is not weird, or scary. Metaphysical simply means of or related to something that cannot be perceived by the physical senses. By that definition there a many religions and spiritual beliefs that one could say are metaphysical.  People of all faiths, beliefs and lifestyles are welcome. At Into The Mystique we use the word Bohemian to describe our little shop, because of the wide variety of exotic, artisan, and eclectic goods we offer.


At Into The Mystique we strive to create a unique shopping experience dedicated to uplifting your mental, physical, and spiritual being. From holistic and apothecary wares, handcrafted items from around Oregon and the world, to artisan made jewelry, we’ve got something for everyone.


We proudly offer a large selection of air plants or tillandsias, & terrariums. We even have  DIY table dedicated to designing your own terrarium. We have sand, moss, crystals, seashells, and so much more. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can fill your terrarium with, or how you can display your air plants. Come check us out, and get inspired!



We carry metaphysical and spiritual merchandise like hand picked gemstones & crystals, essential oils, herbs, jewelry, tarot cards, books, candles, smudges and smudging tools, incense, journals, greeting cards, Tibetan singing bowls, Selenite & Himalayan salt lamps, and much more. All with the purpose of bringing more awareness to oneself, nature, our planet, our Universe, and beyond.
Many items we carry are with the focus on ethical treatment, fair trade, and no animal testing.


We also have a huge selection of PAPAYA ART. Beautifully designed in Southern Oregon PAPAYA ART creates lovely, and functional hand bags, totes, greeting cards, stationary, and more.

 ◊ jewelry ◊ crystals ◊ local art and crafts ◊ air plants ◊ terrariums ◊

◊ organic essential oils ◊ candles ◊ incense ◊ smudges ◊

◊ organic and wild harvested herbs, clays, and salts ◊

◊ organic oils, butters, & massage creams ◊

◊ Estrella vegan soaps, body butters, & lip balms ◊

◊ Papaya Art ◊ wind chimes ◊ musical instruments ◊ singing bowls ◊

◊ books ◊ journals ◊ tarot ◊

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